Jacqui Parkinson

Textile Artist



© Ash Mills


Jacqui's Current Work

Threads through Creation

Following on from ‘Threads through Revelation’, which visited 14 cathedrals and was seen by more than 500,000 visitors, Jacqui has just put the final stitches in her next huge spectacular project: ‘Threads through Creation’.
A cathedral tour is planned to start in summer 2021.

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She is also currently writing a book to accompany ‘Threads through Creation’, planned publication August 2021.


Other projects this year

Jacqui has just completed a design for glass doors for St.Martin’s Parish Church in Liskeard, Cornwall: this has now been etched onto the doors.

She is now doing preliminary work for a third massive project – ‘Threads through the Cross’: fourteen huge panels reimagining scenes around the death of Jesus. It will probably be ready for touring in 2024.

This project is another leap of faith, needing prayerful and financial support. See Can you Help? for details.


An extraordinary trilogy

‘Threads through Revelation’ is believed to be the largest textile project by a single artist, ever.  When ‘Threads through Creation’ and ‘Threads through the Cross’ are completed, the three put together (representing about nine years’ work) would measure about 70m side by side - the same length as the Bayeux Tapestry – but five times the height!


Tree of Life and Open Heaven

This double exhibition consisting of three huge panels and an extradinary installation. It has been on show in five cathedrals and is also available to large churches and other large to medium sites. The three panels of 'Tree of Life' [3.5m wide] show the Garden of Eden, Christ on the Cross and the New Heaven as described in the book of Revelation.

'Open Heaven' consists of a life size figure of Jesus, nailed on a huge rope ladder to the ceiling (or high up). Visitors find it very dramatic and moving.