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revelation threads


First Tour 2016-18

"Threads through Revelation" may be the largest textile art project by a single artist, ever. It was over three years in the making, and took more than 11 million stitches, and if the 14 panels are put side by side it stretches over 30 metres.

From 2016 to 2018, it has toured 15 cathedrals in Britain, and we estimate that at least 500,000 visitors will have seen it. It is now ‘resting’ for a while.


Touring “Tree of Life”

In the meantime, we will be touring a smaller exhibition, Tree of Life from the summer of 2019. It consists of three very large panels, so will fit into more cathedrals, large churches and other venues. If you’re interested in hosting this exhibition, please get in touch. Touring details will be available in due course.


Threads through Creation

Jacqui has also just embarked on another huge project, about as large as Threads through Revelation - Threads through Creation.   It will consist of 12 huge panels using a slightly style and techniques from those used in Revelation, but still with the vibrant colours, beautiful designs and absorbing detail which so many visitors have enjoyed.  It will probably be completed ready for touring from 2020.




The eleven 'cathedral exhibitions' continue to tour cathedrals and there are also five sets of hand-stitched banners:

• Creation
• Our Father
• Jesus is . . .
• Prayer
• The Servant King

All sets of banners are made up of ten pieces of work (each approx 2 metres high and ½ meter wide) and available for hire at £50 for a month: Please visit Deo Gloria Trust.

Previous Textile Projects

Jacqui Parkinson has been working on several interesting projects, including:

'good grief?' – Following the death of her first husband Rob Frost in 2007, Jacqui stitched an extraordinary set of vintage handkerchiefs as she worked through her grief. These form a book by the same title [on sale for £10 including P + P] and are one of the Deo Gloria Trust touring exhibitions.

Life, Loss and Laundries – an exhibition of artwork inspired by the traditions of women's work in mending and washing in Victorian and Edwardian time.

Jacqui has been researching been the 'anonymous' lives of destitute girls in the 1890's-1910's. Some of them found their way into places like Devon House of Mercy, Bovey Tracey, where Jacqui's studio used to be situated. They were trained there by Anglican nuns in kitchen work, housekeeping, needlework and laundry skills.


Previous Exhibitions of Jacqui Parkinson's Textile Work

Eleven cathedral exhibitions, created between 2004 and 2013, on tour now:
Angels, Creation, The Journey, River of Life, Beatitudes, Jesus Is…, Prayer,
Rites of Passage, Our Father, 'good grief?', Run, Servant King

• 2004 – London : Pathways Summer Exhibition, Terrace Gallery Museum

• 2004 – London : Summer Exhibition, Lantern Arts Centre

• 2004 – London, Dublin, Harrogate : Knitting and Stitching Show

• 2005 – London : OPUS, Mall Galleries

• 2006 – London : PRISM, Mall Galleries

• 2008 – London : Society of Designer Craftsmen, Mall Galleries

• 2009 – London : PRISM, Mall Galleries

• 2012 – Taunton : Brewhouse Gallery, 'Mapping the Future'

• 2012 – London : PRISM, Mall Galleries, 'Hidden Places, Hidden Spaces'

• 2012 – London : St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, 'More than Gold'

• 2013 – Exeter : National Trust, Killerton House, 'Love, loss and laundries'

• 2013-14 : Great Yarmouth, Time and Tide Museum, 'Frayed, Textiles on the Edge'

• 2014 – Bovey Tracey : Devon Guild of Craftsmen, 'Love, loss and laundries'

• 2014 – Manchester : John Rylands Library, 'Good Grief?'

• 2016 – 'Threads through Revelation', touring British Cathedrals

• 2017 – Exeter Chapel, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, 'Threads and Ripples'