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Tree of Life

A new and exciting exhibition which will be on tour in 2018 - the ‘Tree of Life’.

The exhibition consists of three panels that take the viewer on a journey and have a tree at their centre. The first panel is from the Garden of Eden and is the journey away from the tree of life which is now guarded by angels and a flaming sword. [Gen. 3:24] The second panel tells the Easter story with the tree of life at its centre - the tree on which Jesus was killed - the pivotal act that brings together our first view of the tree in Genesis and our last view of the tree in Revelation. The third panel is a repeat of the last panel in ‘Threads through Revelation’ the journey towards the eternal tree of life that has fruit all year round and brings about the healing of the nations. What a story!

1. The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden
A turning away from the Tree that gives Life.

2. The Tree of Life on which the Son of God was crucified
The death of Christ on the Tree - which makes Life possible for all.

3. The Tree of Life in the New Heaven and Earth
Everything made new - and at the centre the fruitful Tree of Life.

Although there are only three panels they are big - each approximately 3 metres square on their stands - so they should make an impact!

We are now taking bookings for the exhibition ‘Tree of Life’ from July 2018 and if you would like to have the exhibition visit a place near you, then please do contact Jacqui by email: jacqui.textiles@gmail.com


An area of approximately 10 metres by 4 metres is needed for the exhibition which allows space to view the work. We like to exhibit for a minimum of 8 weeks because of the time involved driving to venues and setting up and taking down. And we ask for a contribution towards costs.


All Jacqui’s work is a leap of faith. There are ‘friends of New Creations’ who give £5 or £10 a month to support Jacqui in her work in textiles - with such big projects planned we are always in need of more friends - if you would like to support Jacqui in this way then please contact the charity ‘New Creations’ [Charity no 1045719].

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View Jacqui’s other work at www.jacqui-textile.com and for general enquiries please email jacqui.textiles@gmail.com