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Revelation in Cornwall

St Martin’s Parish Church in Liskeard commissioned Jacqui to create a design for a glass screen as part of a major refurbishment. Completed in spring 2018, the design has been sandblasted onto the glass.

The glass screen, situated in front of the War Memorial Chapel, creates a new space linking the old with the new.

Jacqui’s design is about the battle in the heavenlies from the vision found in Revelation. Here, John sees a pregnant woman: a baby is about to be born. An everyday event. But the birth of this baby will change the course of history. The birth of the people of God; the people of Israel. The birth of Jesus Christ - the son of Mary - the son of God. But not everyone will like it!


A seven headed dragon and his dark angels have been hurled to earth by the mighty angel Michael and the angels under his command. The dragon - a symbol for Satan and all that is evil - is waiting to devour the vulnerable baby. But the dragon will not succeed.

Jesus is the Lord of lords and the King of kings, and the victory is his. As in all good stories goodness wins over evil.




Commission for the Chapel at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, 2017 Worked on white silk with a stitched pattern of spirals.

On top are sentences chosen and used by those caring for patients and their families. The words stitched into this panel will ripple out and affect many.



Commissioning Work from Jacqui

If you would like to commission a piece of work for public display, Jacqui would be delighted to hear from you. She loves to do pieces to raise questions of faith. She is happy to work on pieces to be placed in 'secular' sites, to engage people in a dialogue, and values having her work placed in 'care establishments' to encourage those in need and those visiting.

Jacqui will be pleased to discuss any possible commissions large or small.

In addition to Jacqui's commissioned work, she is delighted to be able to offer a range of art textile work for sale available at her online shop. Her items include framed textile pieces, hand-stitched cards, and books, so do make contact if you are interested in buying some of her work.

To browse Jacqui's work, simply click on the 'Shop' at the top of this page.


Screens and Banners For Hire

To hire a set of original panels on stands from the cathedral series, or one of the more limited sets of banners, please visit deo-gloria.co.uk. Each one is approx 2m [60"] high and 0.5m [20"] wide. One set of banners costs £50 for month hire or £25 for a 2-week hire.