Jacqui Parkinson

Textile Artist



Banners for hire - Deo Gloria Trust series

Between 2006 and 2011, Jacqui stitched a series of small exhibitions commissioned by Deo Gloria Trust.  They have toured most of the cathedrals of England.

They have just been reconfigured as easy-to-display banners, each a set of 10, about 2m high by 50cm wide.  Sets are available for hire at a very modest price. Contact jacqui.textiles@gmail.com.

• Angels
• Creation
• The Journey (based on Stations of the Cross)
• River of Life (including the story of Jonah)
• Prayer
• Our Father (the Lord’s prayer, using extraordinary designs developed from schools workshops)
• The Servant King (based on a song by Graham Kendrick)
• good grief? (a set of exquisitely stitched handkerchives expressing loss, sadness and sorrow)
• Beatitudes
• Jesus is
• Rites of Passage
• Run the Race

Brochure and book:

Email jacqui.textiles@gmail.com for a PDF brochure with details of the banners.

‘Threads through Life and Faith’ is a book which shows all the Deo Gloria Trust cathedral exhibitions, and is available for £12 from Jacqui’s online shop.