Jacqui Parkinson

Textile Artist

Jacqui's Parkinson Background

Jacqui was born in Manchester, lived for most of her adult life in London until 2008, and now lives in Devon. She set up the Lantern Arts Centre in Wimbledon and taught drama in Kingston. The dramatic storytelling and large visual impact of the dramatic sets can still be seen in her textiles.

Jacqui now principally works in textiles - on a large scale suitable for cathedrals and other large spaces - but she is always open for changes in direction!

Jacqui Parkinson



1986 - 1989 : BA Art and Drama, University of Surrey

1989 - 1994 : Head of Drama, Coombe School, Kingston

1993 - 1995 : MA Education, Kingston

1994 - 2005 : Director of Lantern Arts Centre, London

1994 - 1997 : Lecturer in theatre studies, Kingston College

2003 - 2006 : BA Embroidered Textiles, University of Middlesex

2006 : Awarded licentiateship of the Society of Designer-Craftsmen

2009 : Awarded membership of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen

2006 - 2011 : Deo Gloria cathedral exhibition series

2014 - 2016:  creating and stitching ‘Threads through Revelation’

2016 - 2018  cathedrals tour of ‘Threads through Revelation’

2019 - 2020: completion and cathedrals tour of ‘Tree of Life’
and Open Heaven’ click here for more details.

2019 - 2021: creating and stitching ‘Threads through Creation’

2021 summer: French tour planned of ‘Threads through Revelation’

2021 summer: English cathedrals tour of ‘Threads through Creation’
planned to start. Visit www.creation-threads.co.uk for information.